Radio Fuorionda

Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Orango Rubber Lady
2. WigWam Dare Devil heat
3. MoLD Horsemen Riding
4. ABBA When I kissed the teacher/One of us/Knowing you, knowing me
5. Los Bastardos Finlandes Here with you
6. Northern Ladies River Wild
7. Gluecifer The good times used to kill
8. Motorpsycho The Bomb proof Roll and Beyond
9. Lugnet Veins
10. ABBA Medley: The name of the game/The winner takes it all/Thank you for the music
11. Apocalyptica Coma
12. Megaptera Stroke
13. MZ.412 Vampiir of the North
14. Raison d'etre Memento
15. Raison d'etre Death brightens with sorrow
16. In Slaughter Natives Three, three, three
17. Defekt Ex cre mental pt. II
18. Arabrot The Horns of the Devil Grow
19. Inanna Hedonic
20. DHG Horrorizon
21. Entombed Incinerator
22. Saariston Lapset Saarna Menneisyydestä
23. Enslaved Heimdallr
24. Musikauswahl und Moderation ab Track 11 Micha von der Nachtschicht