Radio Fuorionda

Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. timo lassy undecided (live)
2. tame impala it might be time
3. yves tumor gospel for a new century
4. celeste moin envie danser on belle biguine
5. chinese man + scratch bandits crew + baja frequencia party at jay´s feat. asm, youthstar & illaman
6. das hobos discover
7. foreign fields don´t give up
8. frank ocean chanel
9. gang starr, method man, redman bad name (remix)
10. ian chang audacious feat. kazu
11. kassa overall show a prison feat. j hoard & angela davis
12. rejoicer lemons feat jenny penkin
13. shopping body clock
14. sleater kinney can i go on
15. spinning coin laughing ways
16. the proper ornaments the park